About Allied Power

With advanced technology, mighty R&D and hard work, Allied Power base on ozone generating mechanism and ozone application research, ozone equipment manufacturing, devote to environmental protection, against industrial pollution.




Allied Power has developed most efficient and reliable ozone generator with output from 10g/h to 50kg/h. Our ozone systems adopt Micro-gap dual discharge technique, using high strength borosilicate glass and stainless stee as dielectric medium, ensure high ozone concentration, stable operation. Not only high technology in ozone generating mechanism, we also own international patents on soft-switch power system. Our high frequency inverters power rated could over 440KW, high frequency reach 30KHZ.

high frequency inverters

high frequency inverters

Being applications in drinking water, wastewater, process water, industrial oxidation , bleaching, deodorization, waste gas treatment, space disinfection etc., our products have widely used in North America, South America, South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe.If you have any questions or interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

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